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Mistakes You Are Making On Social Media

Brand Management

1. You post the same content on each social media platform.

Each social media platform is directed towards a specific audience and target niche. As a business owner, you need to create the right posts to capture your audience’s attention on the different types of social media platforms.

2. You delete or ignore negative comments about your company/small business.

As a business owner, you should always address negative comments. If someone is angry enough to reach out to you on your social media, you should always respond in a calm manner and try to resolve the issue.

3. You post boring posts!

Posting pictures that don’t mean anything to you, will absolutely not mean anything to your audience. Post things you care about.

4. You don’t hashtag enough.

If you are a niche small business, then you most likely need to use hashtags to generate business and get your profile clicked on. Do some research on other companies like your own, and see what type of hashtags they use!

5. Your feed is messy.

This is definitely a big mistake to avoid if you are in the business of branding and web design. People will look at your social media as a tell-tale if they want to use your services. If your Instagram feed looks messy, your brand does too.