Brand DNA

Go from concept to completion in just one week with our 3 -step brand strategy and design process.

With Brand DNA, you get access to everything you need — custom high-end logo and icon designs, file types that work with every medium and platform, your brand voice and style guide, and more — in a fraction of the time.

By analyzing your target audience’s desires, habits, and behaviors, we’ll build a foundation for a successful brand.

Create an emotional connection with your customers through distinct packaging, luxurious design, and subtle sensory cues that make you stand out from the crowd, boost your profits, and increase visibility.

one week is all it takes

Book your week.
Submit questionnaire information.
Meet with your fav clients and establish avatar.

Build new brand identity.
Get all collateral together.
Launch your new brand look.

What You Can Expect

During Brand DNA™, 100% of my attention is on you and creating a powerful brand that can survive the test of time.

The key to marketing your brand is to stand out. Brand DNA provides effective strategies and purpose-driven design that connect with your ideal consumers.

Our week together will end with you having a fresh & luxurious design, and ready to share it with your audience.

Brand DNA Process

Day 01 / Brand strategy session

Day 02 / Initial Direction

Day 03 / Creative Development

Day 04 / Refinements

Day 05 / File Delivery